Worship Guitars-The Dave Dove Interview
The Dave Dove Interview

So, I get this call yesterday at work from Dave Dove.

"Hey Ramon. Ya know that interview? Yea, well forget it."
"Forget it?"
"Yea, everything I said was bunk."
"Uh, I published it already."
"But you said you'd let me review it first."
"Sorry, I kinda jumped the gun." (Dave was in the process of moving and hard to get a hold of.)
"Can you take it off?"
"Yea, if you want I can take ot off today."
"Yea, do that."

Update Jan 7th, 2000.

Well, I promised Dave that I wouldn't publish it on the web... Hey i didn't say I wouldn't publish it for a zine. So you can read this interview in the Broken Face's December 1999 issue.

Their site is located at: www.netby.net/Oest/Venusgade/brokenface/

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